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In the past 30 days the team at MRK Beauty has celebrated its 7th birthday, the relaunch of our website and the launch of online shopping at!

It is easy to get so busy with the day in and day out that you forget to mark important milestones or celebrate the big moments. We did not let that happen this year! It seems only right that we passed the 7-year mark, refreshed our website and launched online shopping almost right at the same time.

If you have not spent time looking around our refreshed website yet, please do!  You will find more information about MRK Beauty on our about us page, where owners Mikal and Frank Kubu tell the story of how they came together and how MRK Beauty came to be.

While the story started with concept (milk_shake and No Inhibition), it did not stop there! It is so gratifying to see how salons and stylists have embraced the salon services offered in the NW by MRK Beauty, and to see how our brand has grown.

After you read about how MRK Beauty started, take a look around our manufacturers brand’s pages. You will find great information about new products, featured lines, education, brand stories and much, much more. We are so proud of the brands that have chosen to partner with us!

You probably see dozens of salon professional brands online, especially on social media. Here are some of the wholesale beauty brands we distribute in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, as well as some of the hashtags you can use to find more information on social networks and the internet.

Babe Lash – #babelash #babelashprofessional #BabeLashDistributors


Blind Barber – #BlindBarber #BlindBarberWholesale #BlindBarberDistributors

Cloud CO Farms – (Washington and Oregon only) #CloudCo #CloudCOFarms #CBDOil

Keracolor – #Keracolor #KeracolorClenditioners

milk_shake – concept – #milkshake #milkshakehair #milkshakeprofessional #zoneconcept #zoneconceptUSA #zoneconceptdistributors #milkshakedistributors

No Inhibition – concept – #noinhibition #noinhibitionprofessional #noinhibitiondistributors #agerenew #noinhibitionagerenew

Oligo Professional – Oligo Styling – Calura Color – Calura Gloss Color – FunkHue – Blacklight
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Redavid Professional – #Redavid #RedavidPro #RedavidProfessional #RedavidOrchid #RedavidHairCare #RedavidDistributors

Trueplex Smoothing Systems – #Trueplex #TrueplexDistributors #TrueplexSmoothing #TrueplexSmoothingSystems #BambooMiracle #BambooMiracleZero #TrueplexBambooMiracle #TrueplexBambooMiracleZero

Sutra Beauty – #Sutra #SutraBeauty #SutraBeautyDistributors #SutraBeautyTools and supplies like Framar – Product Club – and more!

Recent MRK Beauty New Product Line Launches

Earlier this year we launched the Oligo Professional brand line. Oligo includes Oligo hair care and styling products as well as the Calura, Calura Gloss and FunkHue color lines. They also have a great rewards program that enables you to earn based on your purchases. Reach out to us for more information about Oligo rewards, how the program works or how you can redeem rewards.

Oligo’s president Ilan Cohen recently left a greeting for all of us in the Pacific Northwest. We were so excited that he would take the time to speak to you directly about his excitement in bringing Oligo Professional to salons in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana:

An exciting brand new to us and to salons in the NW is BIOTOP Professional. Our own David Victor offers a great rundown on this amazing line of high-performing products.

Another one of our top performing salon professional brands is concept USA – also known as milk_shake and No Inhibition. If you’re interested in milk_shake professional (and No Inhibition), you might also be interested to know that concept has a wonderful rewards program. Earn back reward dollars based on your purchases and – if you become a concept salon – you can even earn an additional 5 percent back over your other rewards! Reach out to us for more information about concept / milk_shake rewards, how the program works, or how you can redeem rewards.

It is so easy to Shop MRK Beauty!

Shop online at MRK

Adding online shopping to our website makes it easier than ever to shop MRK Beauty online. We are fully stocked and able to help you set your salon up for success behind the chair and with salon professional retail products and tools.

Shop wholesale beauty supplies via text or phone

You can call us or text us with your order at 509-995-3282. If you need to set up an account, you can do that by phone too, or use our online form to start creating your wholesale beauty supply shopping account.

Shop at our Spokane Valley Beauty Supply Showroom

We have a beautiful showroom in Spokane where you can come and shop, try and learn more about products before you purchase them. It is located at 14109 E. Sprague Ave Suite #5, Spokane WA, 99216.

In addition to having the convenience of being right at our warehouse, with all of our inventory readily available, shopping our Spokane beauty supply showroom – which we call the MRK Beauty Bar – gives you a chance to see how manufacturers display and promote their products professionally. This, in turn, can inspire the way you display and promote products in your salon, salon suite or at-home salon.

We know how important education is to licensed beauty pros! While we have suspended on-site classes temporarily, we are working on plans to get educators back in front of you next year in Spokane and throughout the Northwest – in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. In the meantime, our manufacturers are doing virtual education and training for licensed beauty professionals including product knowledge and use, as well as looks and hands-on classes.

Whether you decide to shop MRK Beauty online, by phone or text, or in person at our showroom, we look forward to helping you get the professional salon products, supplies, equipment and furniture you need to serve your clients and grow your salon business.