Top 10 Salon Professional Gifts for Self-Gifting Holiday Shoppers

Self-gifting holiday shoppers could help you increase holiday salon retail sales and boost revenues this year.

53 percent of holiday shoppers are self-gifting shoppersThe numbers don’t lie! People who shop for gifts for others during the holidays often purchase items for themselves as well. 53.2% of shoppers plan to buy gifts for themselves and 73.5% of consumers with a budget of more than $500 expect to buy gifts for themselves.

With that in mind, we thought about each of the brands MRK Beauty sells to licensed beauty professionals in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, and found a list of at least ten items that would be perfect for self-gifting shoppers visiting your salon during the coming months.

If you’re a licensed cosmetologist in the Pacific NW but not yet a customer, sign up for a new customer account online and start shopping online, via text or email to 509-995-3282 or by sending an order to us via email.

Increase Salon Holiday Sales with 10 Gifts for Self-Gifting Holiday Shoppers

1. Babe Lash’s 3-steps to longer, stronger wink-worthy lashes with Babe Lash Essential Serum, Enhancing Conditioner and Nourishing Mascara

Babe Lash distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

Why it made the list: Babe Lash Essential Serum, Conditioner and Nourishing Mascara is the PERFECT TRIO for clients who want great lashes. Used in concert, Babe Lash Essential Serum at the end of the day and then using Enhancing Conditioner and Nourishing Mascara to get ready for the day, clients will develop an effective regimen to improve the appearance and health of their lashes.

2. Oligo Blacklight Dry Shampoo and 18-in-1 Hair Beautifier

Oligo Professional distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

Why they made the list: Oligo Blacklight Dry Shampoo saves clients time by giving them the gift of more time in between shampoos. And like all Blacklight products, it was created especially for the complete spectrum of blondes.

Oligo Blacklight 18-in-1 Hair Beautifier is a MUST-HAVE to help clients – especially clients with highlighted, bleached or color-treated hair – during winter months when hair is often subject to extreme outdoor weather and the dry heat indoor environments.

  • Lightly conditions, hydrates, and restores shine and luster
  • Protects against color fade
  • Detangles
  • Reduces blow-drying time and enhances manageability
  • Protects from free radicals, environmental and heat damage
  • Smooths split ends, prevents breakage, strengthens and revitalizes the hair’s own natural protective layer

Self-gifting clients can choose from full retail size or try-me ornaments specially for the 2020 holiday season. The ornaments also make a thoughtful and memorable gift for your amazing clients!

3. Blind Barber best sellers: 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray, Shampoo + Bodywash and Bryce Harper Beard Balm

Blind Barber distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

Why they made the list:  Even if your clientele is mainly (or totally) female – or maybe especially if your clientele is female, these are great for self-gifting shoppers who want to give the gift of a well-groomed man to themselves!

Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray – a protein-rich spray that gives hair an extra boost of volume and texture. Infused with sea salt and hops to mimic “just-off-the-beach” waves with the perfect body.

Blind Barber Shampoo + Bodywash – another time-saving combo. Formulated with a custom spirit blend to cleanse hair and body with natural ingredients of hops extract and juniper berry to remove product build-up and debris.

Blind Barber Bryce Harper Beard Balm – another winter-environment fighter! a careful blend of essential oils, it immediately moisturizes, conditions, and keeps beards soft and shiny.

4. No Inhibition Age Renew at-home treatment regimen by concept

Why it made the list: No Inhibition Age Renew provides a revenue-enhancing in-salon service that helps counteract the signs of aging in hair, with an extraordinarily lustrous and rejuvenating result.

No Inhibition distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana for z one concepts

It’s most effective when clients adopt the No Inhibition Age Renew at-home treatment regimen in between professional services; including:

  • No Inhibition Age Renew revitalizing shampoo – perfect, gentle cleansing for hair in order to maintain a healthy look over time
  • No Inhibition Age Renew revitalizing mask – deep nourishment for hair that improves its structure and look over time
  • No Inhibition Age Renew leave-in renew cream – a daily defense leave-in hair cream that helps fight the signs of aging on hair with an extraordinary, rejuvenating, lustrous result – is the perfect finish to the no inhibition age renew hair care system for maintaining its benefits over time

5. BIOTOP Professional 007 Keratin Serum and 911 Quinoa Serum

Why they made the list: Tis the season! Winter is fraught with the potential for environmental damage to the hair indoors and out.

biotop professional distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Serum is an intensely restorative serum for any hair type. It instantly repairs, reinforces and revitalizes hair fibers. This serum goes above and beyond by providing heat protection and reducing the appearance of split ends and contains vitamin E to protect against free radical damage and boost the appearance of healthy-looking hair.

BIOTOP Professional 007 Keratin Serum is especially designed for coarse or chemically/heat damaged hair. It is an intensive, keratin-infused, restorative serum that provides heat protection and split-end control; while instantly repairing and restoring hair thanks to vitamin A and vitamin E inside.

6. Oligo Professional Flex Finish Shaping Spray, Dry Texture Spray and Express Dry Finishing Spray

Why they made the list: Holiday gatherings – virtual or in-person – make great style a MUST for your clients during the holidays! These Oligo Professional shaping, texture and finishing sprays deliver the results clients are looking for.

Oligo Calura distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

Oligo Professional Flex Finishing Spray delivers gloriously flexible hair for a perfect, polished look. Plus it has Flip 360 technology so it can be sprayed from any angle for ultimate coverage!

Oligo Professional Dry Texture Spray is the key for perfectly tousled hair – delivers touchable, flexible texture free of unwanted residues.

Oligo Professional Express Dry Finishing Spray delivers all-day hold without being sticky or stiff. Like the Flex Finishing Spray, it has Flip 360 technology so you can spray it from any angle for max coverage.

7. Redavid Orchid Oil Curl Defining Crème and Orchid Oil Dual Therapy Treatment

Why they made the list: Style and repair for curly hair.

Redavid distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

Redavid Orchid Oil Curl Defining Crème tames unruly and damaged hair, leaving curls healthy, radiant and manageable. Likewise, Redavid Orchid Oil Dual Therapy Treatment is a 2-part universal repair system that takes on heavily damaged hair and offers total support for the needs of curly hair.

8. Sutra Beauty Professional Blowout Brush

Why it made the list: A great styling tool for clients at home or on the go!

Sutra Beauty distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

The Sutra Beauty Professional Blowout Brush has a powerful motor in a lightweight design. It dries hair while straightening and styling with 3 speed settings, a low-dry function and an easy-to-grip handle. 99 percent of Sutra Beauty web visitors who reviewed this drying and styling tool gave it 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

9. milk_shake Moisture Plus Duo / milk_shake Moisture Plus Trio from concept

Why they made the list: They’re holiday gift-ready packaged as a boxed duo or a trio with a beautiful free gift with purchase in the form of a creamy white travel bag.

milkshake hair distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

The milk_shake Moisture Plus Duo (boxed) shampoo and conditioner are for dry hair. They improve softness and manageability while maintaining optimal moisture balance. The duo includes:

  • milk_shake Moisture Plus Shampoo 10.1 oz
  • milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner 8.4 oz

The milk_shake Moisture Plus Trio kit shampoo, conditioner and whipped cream no-rinse moisturizing foam are for dry hair. They improve softness and manageability while maintaining optimal moisture balance. The trio includes:

  • milk_shake Moisture Plus Shampoo 10.1 oz
  • milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner 8.4 oz
  • milk_shake Moisture Plus Whipped Cream 6.8 oz

10. Trueplex Bamboo Miracle Smooth & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, and BambooMiracle All-in-One Leave-In Treatment

Why they made the list: Clients who purchase smoothing treatments in the salon need products to use at-home that extend the life of the service!

Trueplex distributors in Washington Oregon Idaho Montana

Bamboo Miracle Smooth & Repair Shampoo helps eliminate frizz by sealing the cuticle, adding tremendous shine and manageability, and extending the life of smoothing treatments and color. It cleanses and soothes the scalp, leaving hair refreshed and rehydrated.

Bamboo Miracle Smoother & Repair Conditioner locks moisture into the hair, preventing dehydration, color fade and protecting against harmful UV rays. It extends the life of smoothing treatments leaving hair soft, supple, and smooth.

BambooMiracle All-in-One Leave-In Treatment improves hair elasticity and strength. It stimulates collagen production and smooths roughened cuticles, locking in color and rebalancing and soothing the scalp.

3 ways to amplify promotions of salon professional products to self-gifting holiday shoppers

1. Station-talkers – Station talkers and try me products can be left anywhere clients may be left to wait (at the station, under a dryer, in the lobby or waiting area, at the shampoo bowl, etc.) These “down times” during the client visit, when you might not be interacting with them directly, present an opportunity for clients to view and read station and shelf talkers.

2. Consultations – Introducing the client to needed at-home products during the consultation sets the stage for you to “close” at the end. Let them know what products they should use at home to enhance the results achieved in the salon and extend the life of color, smoothing, conditioning and other salon treatments.

3. Email and text messaging – Study after study shows that consumers subscribe to emails and follow brands on social media in order to hear about deals and promotions. Don’t disappoint! Use email and text (SMS message) marketing to introduce your clients to holiday offers that appeal to self-gifting shoppers.

4 Ways to Reinvent Salon Holiday Marketing in 2020

Salon holiday marketing success will hinge on your ability to effectively reach and persuade people to spend some of their shopping budget with you.

4 retail holiday trends that could influence salon holiday marketing success: 

COVID-19 has not stopped impacting business in 2020. Retailers are scrambling to reboot retail holiday marketing and promotions both in response to the pandemic and one another. At the same time, consumers are planning to spend less this year and plan to spend more money with brands demonstrating a commitment to health, safety and hygiene.

Four retail holiday trends emerging due to competitor behavior and consumer sentiment 

1. Starting earlier

Walmart, Target and other major brands were spurred to push up their holiday timetables by Amazon’s decision to move Prime Day, which is usually in July, to October.”  Whether intentionally or unwittingly, Amazon’s rescheduling of their “Prime Day” shopping specials from July to October effectively kicked off the 2020 holiday season. Many retailers are already in full holiday mode – and will be throughout the rest of 2020.

2. Making it safer

Most large retailers are going dark on Thanksgiving Day, reversing a years-long tradition of kicking off the holiday shopping season with a rush of ‘doorbuster’ deals.” This will enable retailers to better accommodate social distancing, adhere to new safety protocols, and minimize long lines and crowded stores.

3. Displaying it online

Many retailers have implemented new virtual ‘try on’ apps and online tools since the pandemic hit. Shoppers can stay safe at home while still getting a sense of how an item would fit into their world.

4. Making it more meaningful

Consumers are planning to spend $100 less this year on holiday purchases than last year ( “This holiday season, shoppers aren’t planning on glitzy and gift-oriented celebrations. Instead, many are preparing for smaller gatherings, reining in spending and directing more of their dollars toward retailers that share similar values during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey by Accenture.”

  • 61% – plan to minimize in-store shopping
  • 61% – more likely to make purchases at companies showing commitment to health and safety
  • 40% – will not shop with brands that laid off workers or reduced benefits
  • 75% – want stores closed on Thanksgiving Day

4 Salon Holiday Marketing Takeaways from 2020 Retail Trends


Reinvent your salon holiday marketing schedule. Like it or not, you are competing with off and online retailers – both big and small – for your clients’ holiday shopping budget. It is not too soon for you to be using social media, email marketing, and signage in your salon to promote holiday products and gift-able items.


Your clients may now be averse to using communal “try me” products in the salon, even if you have strict cleaning protocols.

Reinvent the way that you help clients experience products in the salon by bringing “try me” products to the client, handling products with gloves on to dispense it personally and safely. This gives you an additional advantage in being able to tell the client what the product does, what problems it solves and why it is such a must-have.

You can also reinvent the way you help clients sample the products you want them to love by giving away single-use manufacturer samples and travel sized products.


Your clients are doing more and more AND MORE shopping from home! Use digital technology to reinvent how your salon showcases holiday promotions and special offers.

Add a dedicated promotions page to your website where clients can return during the holidays (and throughout the year) to see special offers and seasonal promotions.

Use social media to feature holiday promotions and drive traffic back to your website where they can either shop online or contact you to purchase. The most common reasons people will follow a brand on social media are:

    • 57% – to learn about new products and services
    • 47% – stay up to date on company news
    • 40% – to learn about promotions or discounts
    • 40% – to be educated
    • 32% – to be inspired

Reasons why people follow brands on social media


Did you know? Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. Use email marketing to “push” information about salon holiday marketing offers to your clients on a regular basis:

    • 56% of brands using emojis in their email lines have a higher open rate
    • adding the word “New” to your subject line can increase open rates by 23%
    • 28% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails more than once per week


Don’t assume that clients know the precautions you are taking and the new protocols you have in place to make the salon safer and cleaner. Tell them!

  • List salon cleaning and safety-related protocols and rules on the home page or contact page of your website
  • Periodically post about the way you are making your salon cleaner and safer on social media
  • Include cleaning and safety information in the footer area of your emails
  • Post signage at the entry of your salon and at the guest check out area (or at stylist stations) to let them know what you are doing because you care about their health and safety, and the health and safety of the salon’s employees

Additionally, recognizing that some of your clients may be experiencing reduced income or financial insecurity because of the pandemic, make sure that you convey the value of holiday promotions, such as percentage saved, or greater longevity of a product compared to others, etc.

Clients may be even more willing to purchase salon products and gift cards for themselves and others this year because they are looking for practical, meaningful gifts.

  • Promote sales of gift cards right alongside products and giftsets.
  • Remind people to tell their significant others that a ______________ (your salon name) gift card would be an ideal stocking stuffer!
  • Add value with a “free gift with purchase” in the form of a retail, travel-sized or manufacturer’s sample product
  • Include a holiday greeting card or holiday-themed envelope or box with purchase of gift card to make it gift-ready – make sure it “looks” like a true gift!

And don’t forget there are a lot of self-gifting holiday shoppers out there! Last year, more than half (53.2 percent) of shoppers planned to buy gifts for themselves and nearly three quarters of consumers with a budget of more than $500 expected to buy gifts for themselves. Salon holiday marketing can also be tailored with “indulge yourself!” style messages.