5 Things Successful Salon Professionals Do

As a beauty professional you may already be wired for success in the salon industry. There are five things that successful entrepreneurs do differently than their peers, and these five things can fuel the growth of your salon business.

  • Spots solutions in problems
  • Continually reinvests in viable business ideas
  • Constantly invests in their own skills
  • Possesses compounding assets
  • (Always) plays to their strengths

Successful salon business entrepreneurs:

1. Spot Solutions in Problems

Salon professionals do this day in and day out! The client presents with a request, problem or challenge and the beauty professional offers:

  • Education – explains what the issue is in terms the client can understand
  • Advice – explains the best options to meet the client’s goals
  • Provides both short and long term solutions – what can be done now, and what the client can do over time for maximum results

2. Keep on Investing in Viable Business Ideas

Another area where salon owners, hairdressers and other beauty professionals are pre-wired for success. Salon professionals continually:

  • Add and evolve services
  • Try and conduct experiment with new products
  • Invest in a substantial amount of professional beauty and barbering tools
  • Stock their salon’s backbar and retail shelves with salon professional products that are ideal for their clients
  • Remodel and reinvigorate their salon’s interior furnishings, décor and layout

3. Invest in Their Own Skills

Beauty professionals are three for three! Whether working as salon owner, booth renter, salon suite renter or hairdresser, the salon professional’s skills are constantly evolving and growing due to their investments in:

  • Hands on skill-development classes
  • Theory classes
  • Personal research and testing
  • Other continuing education

4. Possess Compounding Assets

Compounding is the idea of earning interest on interest — the effect of which is to magnify returns to interest over time, the so-called “miracle of compounding.”

While skills and knowledge gained through continuing education might be the first compounding asset that comes to mind – an asset that produces a return on investment far beyond its actual cost – the salon professional’s technical skills are not the only assets they possess that are compounding. Some of the other assets that compound returns include:

  • Reputation – public and among peers
  • Word of mouth and referrals
  • Brand image (contributes to the ability to set pricing)
  • Followers and subscribers (as an influencer)

5. Always Plays to their Strengths

So many people who start their own businesses, opting for the entrepreneur life instead of the corporate track do so because – at the end of the day – they want to (a) build their own future instead of someone else’s, and (b) do what they love.

The more you refine your skills, building your reputation, word of mouth, image, influence and reinvesting in the tools and knowledge needed to grow, the more you will be able to spend your time doing what you love most – playing to your strengths. And the more you play to your strengths, the more likely you are to build your reputation, word of mouth, image, and influence – it’s a beautiful thing!

Adapted from https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/246243