Oligo professional products WA OR ID MT
Oligo professional products WA OR ID MT
Calura Gloss distributors WA OR ID MT
Oligo professional blacklight products WA OR ID MT
Calura distributors WA OR ID MT
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Oligo blacklight color distributors in WA OR ID MT

oligo professional Blacklight

The Blacklight lightening system is the key to navigating the complete spectrum of blondes effortlessly. Any blonde you can imagine is now attainable!

Download the Blacklight Manual

Oligo Professional’s International Color Director Misael Aponte explains how the Blacklight lightening system caters to the complete spectrum of blondes.

Oligo Professional Blacklight video

calura readers choice winner 2021

oligo professional Calura Gloss


Calura Gloss – named best demi-permanent hair color in Beauty Launchpad’s 2020 AND 2021 Readers Choice Awards – offers the versatility of a liquid color in an alcohol-free water base environment! Calura Gloss delivers an unbelievably glossy finish without any lifting power.

  • 58 intermixable shades
  • 24 toners
  • Level 10 toners for better control
  • 2 developers – gel or cream – more service options!

Download the Calura Gloss brochure

FUNKHUE distributors in WA OR ID MT
oligo calura color distributors in WA OR ID MT
Calura distributors in WA OR ID MT

oligo professional FUNKHUE

Define Funky: fashionable in an unusual and noticeable way.
Define Hue: a degree of lightness, darkness, strength of a colour.

Combine them to get a fun and fierce line of semi-permanent hair colour!

  • No developer required!
  • 13 intermixable shades
  • Vibrancy up to 12 shampoos

Download >> FUNKHUE Mixing Guide

oligo professional CALURA


Designed with an innovative exothermic technology for maximum dye penetration, minimum hair damage, incomparable radiant shine!

  • Ultimate white coverage
  • Up to 5 levels of lift
  • Longer-lasting fashion shades

Download >> CALURA color chart

Download >> CALURA color brochure

CALURA styling and hair care

A full line of styling products for all hair types and limitless possibilities!

  • Calura Dry Texture Spray
  • Curl Balm
  • Express Blowout Mist
  • Calura Finishing Spray
  • Perfecting Primer
  • Powder Pump Volume
  • Shaping Spray
  • Style Oil Elixer
  • Styling Creme

Calura Gloss Seasonal Shades

How to sell Seasonal Shades

Check out more Oligo Professional videos on YouTube.

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oligo best of calura class

zoom classes THE BEST OF CALURA

INVESTMENT: FREE – Join us for the Best of CALURA!

Let us introduce you to Calura permanent shine hair color and Calura Gloss, our liquid demi-permanent hair color — named best demi-permanent haircolor in Beauty Launchpad’s 2020 and Salon Magazine’s 2021 Readers Choice awards!

Gain essential product knowledge, usage and  tips and tricks for all color services in your salon. We will share our recommendations for lasting benefits with Calura Care & Styling and you will discover the importance of how they work together to achieve the best results for your salon guests.

10 am PST / 11 am MTN


oligo best of blacklight class


INVESTMENT: FREE – Achieve your best blondes with Blacklight!

Our innovative Blacklight lightening system features unique options for customizing all of your blonding services while caring for the hair. In this class you will gain essential product knowledge, usage and tips and tricks when working with our Blacklight our lightening system.

1-2 pm PST / 2-3 pm MTN


best of oligo espanol

zoom classes THE BEST OF OLIGO

INVESTMENT: FREE – Join us live as we give an overview of what Oligo has to offer during our new education webinar. Learn about CALURA permanent shine hair color, award-winning CALURA GLOSS demi-permanent liquid hair color, our vivid FUNKHUE semi-permanent shades, Blacklight lightening system and so much more.

MON – DEC 13
10 am PST / 11 am MTN


MRK Beauty rewards programs
Oligo professional rewards program

Oligo Professional Loyalty Program

The 4-tiered Oligo Professional Loyalty Program is a fast-track to an endless supply of rewards dollars that can be used to purchase practical items such as products, accessories, branding materials and educational classes.

Please contact us (or your MRK Beauty consultant) for additional program details including program rules and a list of items which can be purchased with rewards dollars.

Oligo rewards program


$1,250 – $2,499

Earn 5% back in reward dollars, with access to:

  • products (trial, travel and backbar sized)
  • accessories
  • branding materials
Oligo professional rewards program


$2,500 – $4,999

Earn 8% back in reward dollars

Silver benefits

+ Exclusive Oligo Welcome Branding Box

1 in-salon technical class (1/year, following four consecutive gold periods – $500 value)

Oligo professional rewards program


$5,000 – $12,499

Earn 12% back in reward dollars

Gold benefits

+ Custom Oligo engraved gift

2 in-salon technical class (1/year, following four consecutive platinum periods – $1,000 value)

Oligo professional rewards program

Platinum +

$12,500 +

Earn 15% back in reward dollars

Platinum benefits

1 in-salon class from a Creative Team member (1/year, following four consecutive platinum+ periods, $2,500 value, 4 mannequin heads included)

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oligo professional distributors in Seattle Portland Boise Missoula

About Oligo Professional

Oligo was founded three decades ago by Moty and Liliane Cohen, in Montréal. For the first 2 decades Oligo was primarily a research and development laboratory supplying high-end hair care products to cosmetic companies around the world.

In the process, they fine-tuned the art of product development and using some of the best ingredients in the world. As their expertise grew, they realized that Oligo—now a second-generation business with three sons continuing the family tradition of excellence—was at the center of a professional renaissance.

Read more about the Oligo Professional brand story.

Licensed beauty professionals can purchase Oligo professional salon products including Oligo styling and hair care products, Calura hair color, Calura Gloss hair color and FunkHue hair color from MRK Beauty – wholesale beauty supply distributors in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

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