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framar beauty suppliesframar beauty supplies
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framar wholesale beauty suppliersframar wholesale beauty suppliers
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Framar Foils

Framar foils are the number one hair foil recommended by professionals! High-performing silver and limited edition foils that will make your clients feel extra special – many colors to choose from including seasonal and trend releases! Shop our collections of Framar Foils online.

Framar Coloring Gloves

First class hair coloring gloves for salon professionals with a rolled cuff that lengthens 3″ on the wrist to provide ultimate protection. Extra-strength high-quality Nitrile material, claw proof! Excellent ‘stretch’ material to fit all hand types, powder-free. Gentle on hair, gentle on hands. 100 per box.


Hair Color Brushes

New extra-wide color brushes for faster application, in a pack of 3. Comes in set of Black, Pink and Purple. Perfect for all color applications, and exceptional for root touch-ups. Tapered edges for ultimate precision and fine lines – the worlds best color brushes! AccuSoft Bristles – the perfect blend of soft and stiff to give the colorist optimal control. Shop for Framar hair color brushes online.

Framar Foil Dispenser

Made for Framar foil rolls, this dispenser not only allows you to pull out whatever length of foil you need, but it also cuts and folds the foil for you….all by pressing down the lid!

  • Only 1 hand needed to cut and grab foil pieces.
  • Holds all Framar foil rolls.
  • Eliminates waste.
  • Extremely convenient, and extremely easy to use.

Buy the Framar Fold Freak Foil Dispenser online.

Kolor Killer Wipes – 100 ct can

Pop the top on a cannister of Framar Kolor Killer wipes and hard to remove hair dye stains are not a problem anymore!

  • Easily removes hair color stains from hands, neck and face.
  • Fresh, clean scent leaving you and your client smelling fantastic.
  • Fast clean up while being gentle on skin.
  • 100 Wipes per can.
  • Wipes easily pop up out of the top.

Much, Much More!

We carry a wide range of Framar professional beauty supplies including classic and designer Framar foils, foil dispensers, hair color brushes, detangling brushes, the Framar trolley, clips, bibs, aprons, gloves and much, much more!

Shop professional Framar beauty supplies online.

Framar Rose All Day

Framar’s Detangle Brushes

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framar beauty supplies

About Framar’s hair toys professionals can’t get enough of!


When you buy Framar products you aren’t just investing in your craft, you’re getting the family.

1985: A Foil Revolution
FRAMAR™ started out as a love story when Frank was doing Maria’s (FRA-MAR) hair and soon became a couple. After getting hitched and having their first child, Frank went to England to take a hair coloring class; that’s where he discovered the use of foil in the hair industry. He knew this was something he wanted to implement into his salons, eliminating cap and needles. After a little digging, and a lot of testing, Frank and Maria cofounded Framar Enterprises™ in 1986.

Now we’re Here
To date, Framar continues to grow as a family and business introducing… you guessed it, another child, but this time a grandchild for Frank & Maria! All while also launching sales internationally in over 40 countries and growing! Framar now makes over 100 products including foil, dispensers, accessories, gloves, furniture, brushes, and more! Branded as a company that caters to the people, Framar’s main inspiration is to make products for the salon professional that promotes excitement in a stylist’s day to day life!

(We skipped several milestones in the Framar story – to read the full brand story, visit the Framar website.)