4 Things to Consider when Pricing Salon Services

Pricing salon services correctly is vital! Even just a one percent improvement in pricing can result in an eleven percent increase in operating profit. (Harvard Business Review study)

Did you know that “price” is one of the 4 P’s of Marketing?

  • Product – includes both goods and/or services
  • Price – the cost assigned to a good or service
  • Place – where the item can be purchased, how it is distributed, etc.
  • Promotion – marketing, advertising and other activities that lead to sales

Also known as the “marketing mix,” each of these is impacted by both internal as well as external factors. For instance, when pricing salon services, you have to consider internal factors such as the cost of products and time needed to complete the service as well as external pressures such as local economics and demographics, and competitor pricing for the same or equivalent services.

To further complicate the process of pricing salon services, there is more than one way to develop your salon’s pricing model.

  1. Cost-based pricing – pricing salon services based on all of the costs incurred (supplies, products, and percentage of equipment, furnishings, rent/lease, taxes, etc.)
  2. Value-based pricing – pricing salon services based on what consumers are willing or expect to pay – consumers’ perceived quality or value

Pricing salon services without considering all potentially relevant internal and external factors is important. If the cost of services at your salon is out of alignment, you might find it difficult to effectively promote and sell them. Conversely, if underpriced, you could be leaving money on the table or undermining profitability.  Here are four things that should impact pricing salon services.

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4 Things to Consider when Pricing Salon Services

Costs – For your salon to be profitable, a myriad of costs should be reflected in pricing salon services overall, as well as individually, including both direct and indirect costs.

Individual / direct costs:

  • Time – how much of your time is needed for the service appointment
  • Products and supplies – all products or supplies consumed to complete the service

Overall / indirect costs:

  • Education – the cost of education to become and to remain a beauty professional (past and future), and to continue to develop new skills
  • Equipment and furnishings – what did it cost to furnish and equip your salon, and what future investments will you need to make?
  • Promotional – advertising, marketing, graphic design, collateral, etc.
  • Operational – overhead such as lease/rent/mortgage, payroll, licenses, utilities, taxes, cleaning costs, and other expenses required to operate a business

Knowing your numbers is so important! If you only price services based on time and products used, you may not be charging enough to offset operating costs, let alone enough so that you are setting aside money toward the future (education, repairs and remodeling, expansion, etc.) In addition, remember that most costs change over time, generally increasing year over year in many cases.

Demand – Some salon services never go out of style, others may change seasonally, come and go as trends, be more or less popular based on regional demographics, and so on.

If demand for a specific type of salon service is high but your pricing is lower than perceived value and/or competitor pricing, you could be leaving money on the table.

Conversely, if there is little or no demand for a specific salon service it might be time to take it off the menu and see if there is a more desired service that could be added.

Competitor Pricing – Do you know what competitors are charging for the same or generally equivalent salon services? How does that impact your pricing – and should it?

For consumers doing research, price is often one of their first impressions. Prospective customers will mentally compare your prices with those of other options they consider to be relevant (within the area they are willing to drive, in neighborhoods to which they are willing to travel, the type of salon brand that fits them, recommendations they may have received from others, etc.)

Value – If your salon services are priced higher than your competitors, how can you differentiate them so that clients perceive that the value they receive from doing business with you is (a) “worth it” and (b) superior to services of your competitors?

Price perceptions work both ways! Conversely, if your salon services are priced lower than many of your competitors, what are you doing to ensure they view the quality of your services as equal to (or even better than) the services they could receive by paying more elsewhere?

How are you gauging customer satisfaction? Low levels of client satisfaction in general, or relative to a specific aspect of your salon, represent opportunities for you to increase satisfaction and, in so doing, improve and increase the value which clients place on your salon services. High levels of client satisfaction might be a signal that you could improve profitability with a price increase across the board or on those services which client perceive as having the highest value.

Wrap Up:

When pricing salon services, your MRK Beauty Consultant can be an invaluable resource! They have a wealth of knowledge about salon services in general as well as in your area, including competitor pricing. They have the know-how to help you improve and increase client perceptions of value based on services, outcomes and the overall client experience.

If you are a beauty professional in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana, we invite you to get in touch with your regional consultant and find out how MRK Beauty can help you grow your salon business from where you are today to where you want to be.

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5 Things Successful Salon Professionals Do

As a beauty professional you may already be wired for success in the salon industry. There are five things that successful entrepreneurs do differently than their peers, and these five things can fuel the growth of your salon business.

  • Spots solutions in problems
  • Continually reinvests in viable business ideas
  • Constantly invests in their own skills
  • Possesses compounding assets
  • (Always) plays to their strengths

Successful salon business entrepreneurs:

1. Spot Solutions in Problems

Salon professionals do this day in and day out! The client presents with a request, problem or challenge and the beauty professional offers:

  • Education – explains what the issue is in terms the client can understand
  • Advice – explains the best options to meet the client’s goals
  • Provides both short and long term solutions – what can be done now, and what the client can do over time for maximum results

2. Keep on Investing in Viable Business Ideas

Another area where salon owners, hairdressers and other beauty professionals are pre-wired for success. Salon professionals continually:

  • Add and evolve services
  • Try and conduct experiment with new products
  • Invest in a substantial amount of professional beauty and barbering tools
  • Stock their salon’s backbar and retail shelves with salon professional products that are ideal for their clients
  • Remodel and reinvigorate their salon’s interior furnishings, décor and layout

3. Invest in Their Own Skills

Beauty professionals are three for three! Whether working as salon owner, booth renter, salon suite renter or hairdresser, the salon professional’s skills are constantly evolving and growing due to their investments in:

  • Hands on skill-development classes
  • Theory classes
  • Personal research and testing
  • Other continuing education

4. Possess Compounding Assets

Compounding is the idea of earning interest on interest — the effect of which is to magnify returns to interest over time, the so-called “miracle of compounding.”

While skills and knowledge gained through continuing education might be the first compounding asset that comes to mind – an asset that produces a return on investment far beyond its actual cost – the salon professional’s technical skills are not the only assets they possess that are compounding. Some of the other assets that compound returns include:

  • Reputation – public and among peers
  • Word of mouth and referrals
  • Brand image (contributes to the ability to set pricing)
  • Followers and subscribers (as an influencer)

5. Always Plays to their Strengths

So many people who start their own businesses, opting for the entrepreneur life instead of the corporate track do so because – at the end of the day – they want to (a) build their own future instead of someone else’s, and (b) do what they love.

The more you refine your skills, building your reputation, word of mouth, image, influence and reinvesting in the tools and knowledge needed to grow, the more you will be able to spend your time doing what you love most – playing to your strengths. And the more you play to your strengths, the more likely you are to build your reputation, word of mouth, image, and influence – it’s a beautiful thing!

Adapted from https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/246243

Digital Marketing with Hashtags and Keywords for Stylists, Salons, Salon Suites and Booth Renters

If you have ever wondered why some websites – and even some social updates – show up in results when you are searching online, it is because they contain the “keywords” you used when searching. You do not have to be an SEO (search engine optimization) expert to infuse basic SEO tactics into your website and social media.

Two of the ways you can do this are with hashtags and keywords. When you include hashtags in your social media posts, they can be found any time someone searches for entries under that hashtag.

Digital Salon Marketing with Keywords – How does it work?

What are “keywords?”  Simply put, anything that a real person searches for on a search engine, whether a single word or a phrase, is considered a keyword. For example, here are the search results when “MRK Beauty” is typed into a Google search:

find MRK Beauty online


Include keywords in your digital “real estate” such as your salon’s website and your social media profiles. Specifically, keywords like your name as a beauty professional, your salon’s name, your city’s name, the name of the business park where your salon is, and so on – any type of keyword a real person might type into Google when trying to find your business or a business like yours.

Adding these keywords to your web pages, blog content and social media posts makes it find-able when people search online using the same keywords. For instance, when you add the word salon (or salons in your city (inserting your city’s name) you now have keywords in your content that real people might search for online. Here’s how it works:

Someone just moved to town, they aren’t happy with their current stylist, or they are searching for a salon for some other reason. When they go to Google (or Bing or some other search engine) and type the words “salons in <your city>” or a  similar variation, your social posts, web page and other online content becomes find-able because you included the same key phrase.

Digital Salon Marketing with Hashtags – How does it work?

Think of the way hashtags work as similar to a digital file cabinet filled with file folders. Each of these file folders is titled with a single, specific hashtag, and all the web and social media content that has that hashtag is the digital content you would find in that folder.

hashtags in salon marketing

When you include hashtags in your social media posts (and even on your salon’s website), they become part of this find-able content. This can help introduce your salon services to new clients and help you grow your list of social followers or drive traffic to your salon’s web page.

Hashtags are your FRIENDS! They make it super-easy to come up with engaging social media content. Here are common salon hashtags you can use by day of the week to :

  • #SelfieSunday – a selfie – perhaps showing how you prep for the coming week or a selfie from an education or industry event
  • #SundayFunday – be human! Share an image of how you enjoy down time
  • #SundaySale – specially priced services or products
  • #MemeMonday – salon-related meme
  • #MondayBlues – haircolor, nail color, etc.
  • #MusicMonday – what tunes do you have on in the salon?
  • #MondayMemories – client throwback!
  • #MindfulMonday – how do you get your mind fully ready and present to serve clients?
  • #MotivationMonday / #MondayMotivation – share an inspiring quote or idea
  • #ManCrushMonday – share an image with a great men’s style
  • #ManicureMonday – share an image with cool manicure
  • #TipTuesday – share a product or service suggestion that addresses common client problems
  • #TopicTuesday – pick a common to address, such as “why pro color over box?”
  • #TransformationTuesday – share a before/after client look
  • #TuesdayTrivia – share a fun tidbit about your professional or brand story
  • #TuesdayTraining – something you learned in recent education or training going on in your salon!
  • #TeachingTuesday – tips for at-home styling and care
  • #WayBackWednesday – client or salon throwback
  • #WellnessWednesday – share a beauty health tip
  • #WisdomWednesday – share expert advice
  • #WomanCrushWednesday – share an image with great women’s style
  • #ThrowbackThursday / #TBT – post an image with vintage/retro style
  • #ThankfulThursday – something you’re thankful for
  • #ThursdayThoughts – what’s on your mind?
  • #FearlessFriday – fearless hair color or style!
  • #FlashbackFriday
  • #FlashSaleFriday
  • #FeelGoodFriday – how are you helping clients get ready for the weekend?
  • #FridayVibes – how is your team vibing together?
  • #FridayFunny – humorous salon meme
  • #FF aka #FollowFriday – shoutout to new social followers
  • #FridayFunday – something fun about your salon
  • #SaturdayShenanigans – experimenting with a new style
  • #SelfieSaturday – by yourself or with a client
  • #SocialSaturday
  • #ShoutoutSaturday – shoutout to a favorite client, peer or *cough* professional salon distributor *cough*
  • #SaturdaySpecial
  • #SaturdaySale
  • #WeekendVibes
  • #SmallBusinessSaturday
  • #SaturdayStyle

What’s your hashtag?

 Your name, your salon name, your city – all of these can – and should – be turned into hashtags that you use when you post images on social media. If you are posting an image of your work, a photo of your salon, a copy of your salon’s menu of services, etc., simply add #Salon (where “Salon” = the name of YOUR salon) and #CitySalons (such as #SpokaneSalons) to your posts.

Shop MRK Beauty online - wholesale beauty supply distributors

In the past 30 days the team at MRK Beauty has celebrated its 7th birthday, the relaunch of our website and the launch of online shopping at MRKBeauty.com!

It is easy to get so busy with the day in and day out that you forget to mark important milestones or celebrate the big moments. We did not let that happen this year! It seems only right that we passed the 7-year mark, refreshed our website and launched online shopping almost right at the same time.

If you have not spent time looking around our refreshed website yet, please do!  You will find more information about MRK Beauty on our about us page, where owners Mikal and Frank Kubu tell the story of how they came together and how MRK Beauty came to be.

While the story started with z.one concept (milk_shake and No Inhibition), it did not stop there! It is so gratifying to see how salons and stylists have embraced the salon services offered in the NW by MRK Beauty, and to see how our brand has grown.

After you read about how MRK Beauty started, take a look around our manufacturers brand’s pages. You will find great information about new products, featured lines, education, brand stories and much, much more. We are so proud of the brands that have chosen to partner with us!

You probably see dozens of salon professional brands online, especially on social media. Here are some of the wholesale beauty brands we distribute in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, as well as some of the hashtags you can use to find more information on social networks and the internet.

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Recent MRK Beauty New Product Line Launches

Earlier this year we launched the Oligo Professional brand line. Oligo includes Oligo hair care and styling products as well as the Calura, Calura Gloss and FunkHue color lines. They also have a great rewards program that enables you to earn based on your purchases. Reach out to us for more information about Oligo rewards, how the program works or how you can redeem rewards.

Oligo’s president Ilan Cohen recently left a greeting for all of us in the Pacific Northwest. We were so excited that he would take the time to speak to you directly about his excitement in bringing Oligo Professional to salons in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana:

An exciting brand new to us and to salons in the NW is BIOTOP Professional. Our own David Victor offers a great rundown on this amazing line of high-performing products.

Another one of our top performing salon professional brands is z.one concept USA – also known as milk_shake and No Inhibition. If you’re interested in milk_shake professional (and No Inhibition), you might also be interested to know that z.one concept has a wonderful rewards program. Earn back reward dollars based on your purchases and – if you become a concept salon – you can even earn an additional 5 percent back over your other rewards! Reach out to us for more information about z.one concept / milk_shake rewards, how the program works, or how you can redeem rewards.

It is so easy to Shop MRK Beauty!

Shop online at MRK Beauty.com

Adding online shopping to our website makes it easier than ever to shop MRK Beauty online. We are fully stocked and able to help you set your salon up for success behind the chair and with salon professional retail products and tools.

Shop wholesale beauty supplies via text or phone

You can call us or text us with your order at 509-995-3282. If you need to set up an account, you can do that by phone too, or use our online form to start creating your wholesale beauty supply shopping account.

Shop at our Spokane Valley Beauty Supply Showroom

We have a beautiful showroom in Spokane where you can come and shop, try and learn more about products before you purchase them. It is located at 14109 E. Sprague Ave Suite #5, Spokane WA, 99216.

In addition to having the convenience of being right at our warehouse, with all of our inventory readily available, shopping our Spokane beauty supply showroom – which we call the MRK Beauty Bar – gives you a chance to see how manufacturers display and promote their products professionally. This, in turn, can inspire the way you display and promote products in your salon, salon suite or at-home salon.

We know how important education is to licensed beauty pros! While we have suspended on-site classes temporarily, we are working on plans to get educators back in front of you next year in Spokane and throughout the Northwest – in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. In the meantime, our manufacturers are doing virtual education and training for licensed beauty professionals including product knowledge and use, as well as looks and hands-on classes.

Whether you decide to shop MRK Beauty online, by phone or text, or in person at our showroom, we look forward to helping you get the professional salon products, supplies, equipment and furniture you need to serve your clients and grow your salon business.

4 Ways to Reinvent Salon Holiday Marketing in 2020

Salon holiday marketing success will hinge on your ability to effectively reach and persuade people to spend some of their shopping budget with you.

4 retail holiday trends that could influence salon holiday marketing success: 

COVID-19 has not stopped impacting business in 2020. Retailers are scrambling to reboot retail holiday marketing and promotions both in response to the pandemic and one another. At the same time, consumers are planning to spend less this year and plan to spend more money with brands demonstrating a commitment to health, safety and hygiene.

Four retail holiday trends emerging due to competitor behavior and consumer sentiment 

1. Starting earlier

Walmart, Target and other major brands were spurred to push up their holiday timetables by Amazon’s decision to move Prime Day, which is usually in July, to October.”  Whether intentionally or unwittingly, Amazon’s rescheduling of their “Prime Day” shopping specials from July to October effectively kicked off the 2020 holiday season. Many retailers are already in full holiday mode – and will be throughout the rest of 2020.

2. Making it safer

Most large retailers are going dark on Thanksgiving Day, reversing a years-long tradition of kicking off the holiday shopping season with a rush of ‘doorbuster’ deals.” This will enable retailers to better accommodate social distancing, adhere to new safety protocols, and minimize long lines and crowded stores.

3. Displaying it online

Many retailers have implemented new virtual ‘try on’ apps and online tools since the pandemic hit. Shoppers can stay safe at home while still getting a sense of how an item would fit into their world.

4. Making it more meaningful

Consumers are planning to spend $100 less this year on holiday purchases than last year (CNBC.com). “This holiday season, shoppers aren’t planning on glitzy and gift-oriented celebrations. Instead, many are preparing for smaller gatherings, reining in spending and directing more of their dollars toward retailers that share similar values during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey by Accenture.”

  • 61% – plan to minimize in-store shopping
  • 61% – more likely to make purchases at companies showing commitment to health and safety
  • 40% – will not shop with brands that laid off workers or reduced benefits
  • 75% – want stores closed on Thanksgiving Day

4 Salon Holiday Marketing Takeaways from 2020 Retail Trends


Reinvent your salon holiday marketing schedule. Like it or not, you are competing with off and online retailers – both big and small – for your clients’ holiday shopping budget. It is not too soon for you to be using social media, email marketing, and signage in your salon to promote holiday products and gift-able items.


Your clients may now be averse to using communal “try me” products in the salon, even if you have strict cleaning protocols.

Reinvent the way that you help clients experience products in the salon by bringing “try me” products to the client, handling products with gloves on to dispense it personally and safely. This gives you an additional advantage in being able to tell the client what the product does, what problems it solves and why it is such a must-have.

You can also reinvent the way you help clients sample the products you want them to love by giving away single-use manufacturer samples and travel sized products.


Your clients are doing more and more AND MORE shopping from home! Use digital technology to reinvent how your salon showcases holiday promotions and special offers.

Add a dedicated promotions page to your website where clients can return during the holidays (and throughout the year) to see special offers and seasonal promotions.

Use social media to feature holiday promotions and drive traffic back to your website where they can either shop online or contact you to purchase. The most common reasons people will follow a brand on social media are:

    • 57% – to learn about new products and services
    • 47% – stay up to date on company news
    • 40% – to learn about promotions or discounts
    • 40% – to be educated
    • 32% – to be inspired

Reasons why people follow brands on social media


Did you know? Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. Use email marketing to “push” information about salon holiday marketing offers to your clients on a regular basis:

    • 56% of brands using emojis in their email lines have a higher open rate
    • adding the word “New” to your subject line can increase open rates by 23%
    • 28% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails more than once per week


Don’t assume that clients know the precautions you are taking and the new protocols you have in place to make the salon safer and cleaner. Tell them!

  • List salon cleaning and safety-related protocols and rules on the home page or contact page of your website
  • Periodically post about the way you are making your salon cleaner and safer on social media
  • Include cleaning and safety information in the footer area of your emails
  • Post signage at the entry of your salon and at the guest check out area (or at stylist stations) to let them know what you are doing because you care about their health and safety, and the health and safety of the salon’s employees

Additionally, recognizing that some of your clients may be experiencing reduced income or financial insecurity because of the pandemic, make sure that you convey the value of holiday promotions, such as percentage saved, or greater longevity of a product compared to others, etc.

Clients may be even more willing to purchase salon products and gift cards for themselves and others this year because they are looking for practical, meaningful gifts.

  • Promote sales of gift cards right alongside products and giftsets.
  • Remind people to tell their significant others that a ______________ (your salon name) gift card would be an ideal stocking stuffer!
  • Add value with a “free gift with purchase” in the form of a retail, travel-sized or manufacturer’s sample product
  • Include a holiday greeting card or holiday-themed envelope or box with purchase of gift card to make it gift-ready – make sure it “looks” like a true gift!

And don’t forget there are a lot of self-gifting holiday shoppers out there! Last year, more than half (53.2 percent) of shoppers planned to buy gifts for themselves and nearly three quarters of consumers with a budget of more than $500 expected to buy gifts for themselves. Salon holiday marketing can also be tailored with “indulge yourself!” style messages.