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Replenishing Moisture Collection

Dry, parched hair demands a solution!

bokka BOTANIKA Replenishing Moisture Shampoo delivers results by utilizing powerful antioxidants and extracts to hydrate, condition, add shine and de-frizz color treated hair. Protein reinforces the hair shaft and helps prevent future damage, for healthy and manageable hair.

Replenishing Moisture Conditioner hydrates, detangles and nourishes dry, dull and lifeless color treated hair, leaving it shiny, soft, and manageable.

Replenishing Moisture Masque restores dry, dull, lack luster, color treated hair in minutes! Deeply penetrates to dramatically improve overall hair health, elasticity and texture, providing more manageable, soft, and shiny hair.

All products in this line protect and extend the life of hair color with COLORLOKK COMPLEX.

Miracle Rescue and Repair Collection

Miracle Rescue & Repair Shampoo gently cleanses, nourishes, and strengthens damaged or fragile, color treated hair, restoring hair and adding tremendous shine.

Miracle Rescue & Repair Conditioner is specially formulated to repair, strengthen and nourish damaged or fragile, color treated hair. Adds resiliency, vibrancy, hydration and brilliant shine.

Miracle Rescue & Repair Masque is a one of a kind, miracle healing masque specially formulated to deeply repair, strengthen and nourish damaged or fragile, color treated or chemically treated hair.

Miracle Rescue & Repair All-In-1 Leave In Treatment provides 25 amazing benefits to prepare, repair and protect all textures of colored or
chemically treated hair, in one easy step. Delivers the healthiest, shiniest and most manageable hair.

All of the Miracle Rescue & Repair Collection products contain a unique vegetable derived co-polymer that seals the hair cuticles that have been damaged after bleaching, coloring or heat styling. All products protect and extend the life of hair color with COLORLOKK COMPLEX.

bokka BOTANIKA Styling Collection

bokka BOTANIKA Blowdry Boost‘s unique alcohol-free formula provides amazing volume and thickness to each hair strand, resulting in fuller, thicker and shinier hair. Offers weightless body and shine, while fortifying the hair. Provides lasting style and texture without stickiness or flaking.

Velvet Smooth Blowdry Balm enables you to achieve flawless smooth, frizz-free and shiny hair. This heat-activated styling cream protects color treated hair from styling damage, pollution and color fading while blocking humidity, for noticeably healthier hair. Seals and smooths the cuticle to reduce fly aways and reduce the appearance of damage.

Abyssinian & Kendi No Frizz Oil Serum is a lightweight, nourishing blend of natural oils and extracts that seal split ends and block frizz for a high-gloss, ultrasmooth, frizz-free finish. Smooths and shines frizzy and unruly hair while repelling humidity. Helps to prevent hair breakage during thermal styling.

All products in the bokka BOTANIKA styling line protect and extend the life of hair color with COLORLOKK COMPLEX.

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About bokka BOTANIKA hair care and styling products

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By supporting bōkka BOTÁNIKA, you are choosing eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan and color protecting haircare produced in the USA. We are committed to only formulating products that make a difference for animals, stylists, clients and of course, Mother Earth!

We are an innovative, boutique brand of plant-based, color protecting hair products, committed to producing the best performing formulations in the professional beauty industry.

Our unique vegan, proprietary formulas harness the world’s highest quality, naturally sourced extracts, botanicals and oils, resulting in products that extend the longevity and vibrancy of all types of color treated hair, while treating damage that results from chemical services and heat styling.