oligo calura gloss seasonal shades readers choice for best demi-permanent color

Last December we celebrated with top brand Oligo Professionnel as their demi-permanent color, Calura Gloss, was named best Demi-Permanent Color by hairdressers. Winning top marks in Beauty Launchpad’s 2020 Readers Choice Awards, “Be Color Confident!” became the mantra of Oligo Pro.

oligo winner readers choice salon magazineCalura Gloss named Readers Choice for best demi-permanent color with Salon Magazine

Another win for Oligo Professionnel’s Calura Gloss! Salon Magazine’s 2021 Readers Choice Awards have just been announced, and Calura Gloss is once again the top choice for Demi-Permanent hair color with hairdressers. Salon Magazine reported they received a record number of votes in the most recent contest.

In addition to winning the Readers Choice Award for best demi-permanent hair color with Calura Gloss, they were also named Best Canadian Brand and Oligo’s Blacklight Blue Conditioner won for Best Color Depositing Conditioner.

We are elated for the team at Oligo Professionnel and extend our congratulations to them for these honors. We are also thrilled to be able to bring Oligo Pro’s Calura Gloss demi-permanent haircolor to the Pacific Northwest, and make it available to licensed beauty pros in WA – OR – ID – MT.

Check out the Calura Gloss Seasonal Shades – available for a limited time only!

oligo calura gloss seasonal shades readers choice for best demi-permanent color

Framboise and Corail are the two limited edition seasonal shades in the Calura Gloss line. They were inspired by 2021 NY Fashion Week and developed in collaboration with J Ladner (@itsmrjladner), Oligo Professionnel’s Digital Creative Director, according to Modern Salon.

The French names assigned to these limited edition Calura Gloss seasonal shades are a tribute to the French-Canadian heritage of the company.

  • Framboise, which means raspberry, includes three striking pink shades with hints of red (levels 7,8,9) – check out the Framboise video on YouTube
  • Corail, which translates to coral, features three red-orange shades (levels 7,8,9) – check out the Corail demo video on YouTube


oligo calura gloss seasonal shades readers choice for best demi-permanent color

These stunning seasonal shades are truly limited edition, available only through August, so make sure you contact your MRK Beauty consultant, contact us by phone at 559-995-3282, or order seasonal shades online.


We have been sharing the work of Pacific NW hairdressers using Calura Gloss demi-permanent haircolor, including the seasonal shades on our Instagram page. If you aren’t following us on Instagram yet, please do! We also featured photography from the Calura Gloss Seasonal Shades release on our May-June Konect, which you can download here, if you are registered to shop MRKBeauty.com.

be color confident with oligo calura gloss

About Oligo Professionnel Calura Gloss demi-permanent color:

Calura Gloss offers the versatility of a liquid color in an alcohol-free water base environment, delivering an unbelievably glossy finish without any lifting power. In addition to the limited edition Seasonal Shades available right now in Calura Gloss, you will also find trial kits and a Gloss Men series that includes at-home co-washes as an added retail sale booster. And back by popular demand is the Glossy B Kit, featuring the 12 most popular Calura Gloss shades!

Have you taken the gloss challenge yet? #glosschallenge

If you are a licensed beauty professional in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana and you want to try this amazing gloss line, we invite you to reach out to your MRK Beauty consultant or contact us directly. We have Calura Gloss kits that are perfectly designed for hairdressers who want to find out for themselves how Calura Gloss delivers an unbelievably glossy finish without any lifting power.

Click here to download the Calura Gloss brochure.

If you have not already done so, register for an account with MRK Beauty and then shop online for Calura Gloss kits, colors, and other products.