maximum gray coverage in 9 minutes

Just imagine all of the ways you could increase revenues with new add on color services using milk_shake’s new 9 minutes hair color!

Imagine this. Your client arrives for a hair cut appointment and you notice that their roots have grown out gray. They’re only booked for a 45 minute appointment, so what can you do?

In 9 minutes, you can take that gray root grow-out from drab to FAB using milk_shake’s NEW 9 minutes permanent hair color. 9 minutes. 9 minutes to process. That’s it!


Jessica Mitchell at Stylz Salon -@hairbyjessmitchell

Team MRK’s own Jessica Mitchell of Stylz Salon located at 855 S. Main Street Deer Park, WA 99006 #MRKBeauty #TeamMRK shows how fast and easy it is to restore your client’s desired hair color and tone using milk_shake 9 minutes hair color in this week’s Formula Friday #FormulaFriday tutorial.

about milk_shake 9 minutes hair color

About milk_shake© 9 minutes hair color

  • perfect color
  • maximum coverage
  • shiny hair in a fraction of the time!

9 minutes permanent hair color features

9 minutes hair color technology + balanced pigments = the same results as a regular permanent color with reduced processing time:

  • the first permanent hair color on the market processed in just 9 minutes
  • maximum grey coverage
  • vibrant color tones
  • 36 mixable shades
  • conditioning base that guarantees soft, shiny hair
  • darkens or lifts
  • innovative active ingredients of the highest quality to protect the hair
  • 100 ml tube = 3 applications
  • mixing ratio 1:1 (1:2 for high lifters)

>> Download the 9 minutes color swatch book

milk_shake 9 minutes color swatch book

9 minutes hair color processing time

The technology within milk_shake 9 minutes quick conditioning permanent hair color differs from other traditional colors as the processing time is 9 minutes for all the different developers needed for its application. Only the ULTRA BLOND series has an increased processing time of 20 minutes.

NOTE: prolonging the processing time will darken and saturate the color level:

  • 9 MINUTES: target level reached
  • 20 MINUTES: ½ level more intensity
  • 30 MINUTES: 1 full level more intensity

9 minutes allows the professional to easily choose the grey coverage level, the intensity of the level and ideal tone according to the client’s request, and according to the analysis of the hair type:

9 minutes hair color shade chooser

milk_shake 9 minutes quick conditioning permanent hair color should only/always mixed with milk_shake oxidizing emulsion 10/20/30/40 volume according to the desired lift that is required. milk_shake oxidizing emulsion develops the coloring pigments within the color to create a stable blend that is even and radiant in terms of the resulting hair color. The developers contain the exclusive ingredient Integrity 41® that protects the color longer, as well as milk proteins, honey and fruit extracts.

  • 10 vol. 3% for maximum deposit of pigment
  • 20 vol. 6% to maintain the same natural base level, for grey coverage and for lift up to 1 level
  • 30 vol. 9% to color and lift up to 2 levels; for grey coverage.
  • 40 vol. 12% to lift up to 3 levels and the specific developer to be combined with the ultra blond series

9 minutes milk_shake 10 20 30 40 volume developers

>> Download the 9 minutes technical manual


Formula Friday Intense Neutrals

intense neutrals with Calura Gloss

#FormulaFriday – Oligo Professional Intense Neutrals with Calura Gloss

Oligo Professional’s new Intense Neutral series and 13 Volume (4%) Cream Developer are specially created to offer up to 50% white hair blending. These rich shades were calibrated to deliver neutral results.

NEW! Oligo Professional 13 Volume Cream Developer

Our new 13 Volume (4%) Cream Developer was specially formulated to be mixed with the Intense Neutral series to offer up to 50% white hair blending. It offers the perfect consistency for bowl and brush applications.

Oligo Calura Gloss Intense Neutrals

For white hair blending with Oligo Professional Calura Gloss Intense Naturals:

UP TO 30%: a Neutral or Neutral Brown shade must be mixed with your desired shade(s) at a 1:1 ratio. Use equal parts Calura Gloss 7 Volume Developer (2%).

UP TO 50%: an Intense Neutral shade must be mixed with your desired shade(s) at a 1:1 ratio. Use equal parts Calura Gloss 13 Volume Developer (4%).

Calura Gloss color selector* A shade selector sheet is available in the launch kit – the best way to update your shade selector!

Download the Intense Naturals Reference Sheet

About Oligo Professional Calura Gloss

Calura Gloss offers the versatility of a liquid color in an alcohol-free water base environment. Calura Gloss delivers an unbelievably glossy finish without any lifting power:

  • 58 inter-mixable shades
  • 24 toners
  • Level 10 toners for better control
  • 2 developers, gel or cream consistency for more service options

Calura Gloss technology provides the advantages of acidic and alkaline hair colors without their drawbacks! Calura Gloss features a gentle, acid-balanced base buffered to an alkaline pH that works synergistically with acidic molecules. The result is unprecedented shine, conditioning and longer-lasting deposit with zero lift, guaranteed.

Download the Calura Gloss brochure

Contact us if you ready to bring Calura Gloss hair color into your salon or do you want more information about this line. Email us using the form on our contact page or contact us by phone or text at 509-995-3282.

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milk_shake color booster

The professional innovation for color treated and lightened hair – milk shake color booster system.

The coloring and lightening formulas of concept are based on a philosophy of respect for the hair fiber, above all and at all costs. They contain high quality, pure and stable ingredients that preserve hair integrity and guarantee excellent and long lasting results over time.

The new Deep color complexSafe lightener complex and Deep color maintainer balm bring these technical services to a new level: 3 formulas designed to amplify maintain and prolong the effects of color and lightening, with extra protection for chemically treated hair.

2 concentrated, specific additives, 1 for COLOR, 1 for LIGHTENING services, plus 1 intensive CONDITIONER represent the most advanced response to professional technical services and powerful results.