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Sure, summer carries the promise of pool-side days, margarita mixers and tan lines, but the same sun-drenched months we look forward to all year tend to test the mettle of our hair-care routines; too much sun and you’re left with a head that feels a little like a bail of farm animal feed.

The brittle straw-like texture our hair takes on after one too many beachside days is called sun damage, and while there are a few easy ways to prevent hair from reaching barnyard status, the “cure” for sun-damaged hair is even simpler—there really isn’t one.

So, before the next backyard barbecue or beach blanket binger, get some hair knowledge under your belt and then try these three easy ways to protect yourself from the dryness of summer sun damage. You might disappoint a couple of horses, but, we promise you, your hair will thank you all year long.



How the Sun Damages Hair

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays work to break down the outer layer of the hair—the cuticle. Damage to the cuticle can cause a loss of both pigment (colour) and keratin, a naturally occurring protein responsible for strong, smooth, healthy hair. As a result, sun damaged hair is like hair that has been damaged by chemical lighteners—it becomes dry, brittle and more prone to frizziness and split ends.


Melanin, the same pigment that protects our skin from the sun’s radiation, does the same for our hair. Fairer skinned men and women have less melanin to protect their skin, and tend to burn faster and more easily during prolonged periods in the sun. Those with lighter hair colors are most prone to sun damaged hair for the same reason.


Hair type and texture can also play roles in how our hair reacts to the sun. Those with natural curl, for example, have a more delicate hair structure. This leaves them more prone to cuticle damage and keratin loss, whatever their natural hair colour.


Moral of the story? Blondes don’t always have more fun. Those gorgeous curls are sometimes more harm than help and bleaching your hair to get that sun kissed glow is going to cause you more problems than it’s worth, if you aren’t careful. Remember, once it’s straw, there’s no spinning it back into gold.


Avoid the split ends and frizz by starting early and prevent the barnyard up-do before it even begins.


Protect to prevent

An easy way to protect hair from UVA and UVB rays is to physically block them by wearing a hat or headscarf. Simple fix, right? Except, if it’s already hot enough to don a swimsuit, what are the chances anyone really wants to add a heat retaining hat to the day’s ensemble? Slim to none.

Instead, try looking for products that do the job of a hat, without all the extra layers. Products like milk_shake’s Sun & More contain filters that, like sunscreen, work to block the harmful UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the hair shaft. Apply evenly and regularly to achieve a full layer of sun protection for your hair, without all the sweat producing heat retention of a full-blown head covering.

Cleanse gently, and often

The sun isn’t the only culprit to blame for your summer hair debacle—chlorine, sweat, and saltwater can all play a part in contributing to poor hair health. Chemicals and salt help to suck moisture out of the hair, removing essential oils, the hair’s natural layers of defence, and leaving your hair primed for the damage caused by overexposure to the sun.

By cleansing thoroughly with a gentle, nourishing shampoo, you can avoid the build-up of harmful substances on the hair and replenish some of its natural moisture defence.

Milk_shake’s All-over shampoo was designed to do exactly that. With added UV filters and quinoa protein for infused strength, not only will it remove potentially harmful chemicals and restore moisture, it’ll be your first line of defense against the sun’s radiation.

Nourish frequently

Used properly, certain products can replenish the moisture that the sun’s rays take away. Perhaps counter to what we know about using oil on our skin before spending time in the sun, applying a hair oil before heading outdoors can actively hydrate the hair and protect from heat damage.

Incorporate a nourishing mask with a focus on hydration more frequently into your care routine. Milk_shake’s Beauty Mask has built-in UV ray protection that helps to retain moisture and reinforce the hair’s protein structure while deep conditioning to counteract damage caused by the heat and sun.

Prevention really is the most effective form of treatment when it comes to sun damaged hair. Be sure to check your care and styling products for UV filters and incorporate additional moisturizers into your routine. If nothing else, covering up your hair when you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors is a sure-fire means of preventing damage because, yes, hat-hair is better than hay-hair. 

milk_shake color booster system additives

The professional innovation for color treated and lightened hair – milk shake color booster system.


The coloring and lightening formulas of concept are based on a philosophy of respect for the hair fiber, above all and at all costs. They contain high quality, pure and stable ingredients that preserve hair integrity and guarantee excellent and long lasting results over time.

The new Deep color complexSafe lightener complex and Deep color maintainer balm bring these technical services to a new level: 3 formulas designed to amplify maintain and prolong the effects of color and lightening, with extra protection for chemically treated hair.

2 concentrated, specific additives, 1 for COLOR, 1 for LIGHTENING services, plus 1 intensive CONDITIONER represent the most advanced response to professional technical services and powerful results.

milk_shake Go Pink Campaign

milk_shake Go Pink Campaign


There is no sure way to prevent breast cancer, but early detection can save your life. Every year there are more and more breast cancer survivors among us. Since 1991 more birthdays have been celebrated and breast cancer death rate is down 34%. Advances in breast cancer treatments today mean many more woman can expect to beat the disease and maintain their physical appearance.

For the 3rd consecutive year, milk_shake invites you to join our effort to provide diagnostic breast care services to women in need, a goal made possible through our partnership with theNational Breast Cancer Foundation. Portion of milk_shake limited edition Go Pink product proceeds will be donated to NBCF. We would love to invite you to get involved too, dress your salon Pink and raise awareness of breast cancer by offering the limited edition milk_shake products – Pink Leave In ConditionerPink Whipped Cream and Pink Incredible Milk and giving away information on Early Detection that could save your friends and customer lives.


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The awards, which honour the UK’s best salons, stylists and hair buys, are judged by a savvy panel of readers and industry experts who have picked out the best lotions and potions that deliver optimum results for your hair. After a strict judging process, milk_shake integrity nourishing shampoo, with it’s salt and sulfate free formula containing organic Muru Muru butter, was judged to be top dog when it comes to shampooing your mane and it’s no wonder when it promises to eliminate frizz, nourish, moisturise and leave hair soft and radiant!

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Xavier Berrell, Director of Red-Hot Products, UK & Ireland distributor of milk_shake haircare and NO INHIBITION said: “The HAIR and BLACKHAIR Magazine HAIR Awards 2014 celebrate the best hair buys that money can buy and that we’re absolutely delighted that both milk_shake and NO INHIBITION have been judged to be some of the best performing products in the professional hair market”

The journey begins

I certainly did not plan on starting my own business, let alone a professional beauty distributorship. Yes, I have been in the beauty industry for 19 years, working hard to build brands, build relationships and a career. All I was looking for was an opportunity to work for a skin care company where I could continue to work with my clients. What I really wanted was to be an independent sales consultant, not an employee. That was the goal, the DREAM JOB!!

Then I got a call from a former co worker, just calling to get a phone number for a friend. That's were this journey really begins. He asked what I was doing and I said just looking for the JOB!! Well he had other thoughts and ideas for me, and so the dialog began on Micro Distribution of Z.One Concepts.

After a trip to Italy to meet the owner Ivano Panzeri, visit the headquarters, meet global distributors and key principals MRK beauty is now part of the concept Family.

I have been overwhelmed by the response and support that I have received from salons and stylist for the milk_shake brand. I knew the product was outstanding, but to have that validation everyday from clients confirms my vision of pairing amazing product, amazing service and redefining beauty distribution.

Be careful what you ask for, dream, and pray about....... you will GET IT!!!

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